The Best Car Seats 2016 – Reviews

What’s up? Do you want to know what are the best car seats 2016? Then you are welcome to our article, which is nothing more and nothing less than a big list with reviews for the best car seats for this year. You need to invest your money is a car seat that’s really worth it, and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about on this piece of content. Just read, digest and apply – that’s it!

And you can be confident that our list is solely composed by excellent options, because we have taken our proper time to analyze every option, and make sure that they can offer you the best value for your money. With that being said, it’s time to dive into the reviews; come with us!

Chicco Nextfit:

Chicco NextfitOn our first spot we have the Chicco Nextfit. If you really want to protect your child then this is one of the best car seats 2016 you can buy. It’s versatile and you can buy it for merely $300. I know that $300 is not such a big deal but it’s still affordable, especially if you take into account that the materials used in the crafting of this car seats are top-notch, and the technology used in its productions guarantees you an excellent car seats that will bring comfort and protection to your most delicate passenger.

Plus it’s pretty easy to install, so you won’t have any problem at the hour of putting it in your car. We can say that this is one of the easiest car seats to install. So if you are looking for an excellent, secure and easy to install car seat, you should choose the Chicco Nextfit!

But the Chicco Nextfit is not the unique option in our list. Let’s check other options which are more affordable. Because we understand that $300 may be out of budget for many, and that’s why we have decided to add more budget-friendly options for our folks who are kind of limited in their budget. If you are in this very same position, then you should keep reading, because we have released especially for you car seat reviews 2016 that will bring you a lot of value for the cheap!

Evenflo SureRide/Titan 65:

Evenflo SureRideA perfect example of a lot of value for a cheap price is the Evenflo SureRide. If you have $100 dollars in your pocket, then you can afford this reliable and high-value car seat. For merely $100 you can take this car seat to your home and install it in your car.

What are the pros? We like that despite its cheap price you are still capable of getting a lot of value out of it. The technology used for its production may not be as advanced as with the previous option, but it’s excellent and is crafted with excellent materials, so that you can have your car seat with you for a lot of time.

This is the major pro we have detected in the Evenflo SureRide. It costs merely $100 but stills it’s pretty durable and this is a feature that is going to make your investment even more valuable. So if you are limited in cash but still want to get an excellent car seat you will be able to use for a lot of time, then you can feel confident when purchasing this one, because as we have said, it will last for a lot of time.

Titan 65One of the slight downsides is that, in comparison to the Chicco Nextfit, it’s slightly reduced in terms of comfort. But you can expect this to happen, because the price is a lot reduced but don’t get us wrong: the Evenflo SureRide is still pretty comfortable. And what’s even more relevant than the comfort at the end of the day: it will bring to your kid the protection and security it needs to feel safe, and actually be safe, when you are driving your car.

Cosco Scenera NEXT:

Cosco Scenera NEXTWe have decided to add this option to our list of the best car seats 2016 because it’s dirt cheap! For real it’s only $45! It means that you can equip your car with a safe car seat for less than $50! But as you can easily guess, it’s a tad reduced in terms of comfort. It’s an option for those of you who are pretty, but pretty limited, in budget. That’s why we have added it here. If you can afford something better, then do it. You have the previous option that’s still affordable, so just go for it.

The Cosco Scenera NEXT is for emergency cases where you don’t have enough cash right now to buy a better car seat, or if you are in a rush. But you should consider checking other options, because this one won’t last so long and in terms of comfort it’s highly reduced in comparison to our first option – this is something you must think about very seriously.

Britax Marathon ClickTight:

And finally here we have our final option for closing this list of car seat reviews 2016. It costs above $250 but it’s still excellent. We can say that it’s fair rival for our first option. It’s still a tad too expensive for many, but if you really care about your child then this car seat is exactly what you need. It offers a lot of comfort and enhanced protection, that’s why we say it’s a fair rival for the Chicco Nextfit. This is a perfect option for those parents who really want to invest in safety and have a pretty flexible budget. So if you want to protect your kid, this is the car seat you should look forward to buying.


We hope you found your perfect car seat in our list. It’s time to buy it, so just do it and bring to your child the protection he deserves! Do it now and finish this situation!